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Ok. I’m in my class on competitive intelligence. It’s interesting, it’s good. I’m enjoying it (well, except the late night studying thing). But I’m worried about The Project. Here are the details.

CI Project – Part I — Identify a competitive intelligence project, something of interest to you, concerning a strategic challenge for a company, program. group, or individual. Develop a short plan for implementing it. Identify:

  1. the goal of your project, including strategic implications; and
  2. the information sources you plan to explore.

You will present your plan to the class for feedback and advice on how to improve your plan. Some potential goals for a CI initiative include:

  1. anticipate changes in the marketplace;
  2. anticipate the actions of competitors;
  3. learn about political, legislative or regulatory initiatives that can impact your business;
  4. discover new or potential competitiors;
  5. learn from the successes and failures of others;
  6. keep an open mind about your company — discover how the world sees your organization;
  7. comparison with a competitior;
  8. obtain a marketplace analysis related to the release of a new product;
  9. assess potential acquisition targets;
  10. learn about new products, technologies, and processes that may impact your business;
  11. enter a new business; or [aha! An OR rather than an AND]
  12. help implement the latest management tools.

For some examples of CI projects, check out http://www.combsinc.com/projects.htm. Due July 14, 2003.

CI Project – Part II — You have identified a competitive intelligence project, and you have developed a plan for implementing it. Now your task is to try to implement it. (Try to find information, but if you do encounter difficulties, discuss them with the class, and try to problem-solve how you would overcome them with more time and resources. Prepare a report that identifies:

  1. the goal of your project;
  2. your information sources;
  3. the result — and the strategic implications; and
  4. discussion of what you learned from this project, problems you encountered (and overcame — or did not overcome).

Due July 31, 2003.

Finding the or rather than and is a good thing. But I still need to figure out the what. For obvious reasons anything pertaining to software is completely out of the question (want to stay far, far away from anything that even might remotely inadvertantly violate my NDAs)…

I almost had an idea while I was putting M1 down to bed & then she shrieked & it flew out the window. This is the part I dislike the most. Once I have a focus, I’m good to go on the rest of it & I’m sure it’ll chug right along. But right now, I’m feeling the pressure of having two weeks to identify & plan it. And M2 is fussing & I have reading that I wanted to finish last night but it was 11:30 & I’m sleepy & have been all day. Gonna go finish the reading I wanted to finish last night, & start in on the notes on the reading.

Need to print out this list & take another good look at it… *stumped*

2 Responses to “CI Project”

  1. Susan says:

    Something involving the tea industry… but WHAT!? Step by step… churn, churn, churn in my brain…

  2. Susan says:

    Tea industry…

    local competition profiles if I were to start my own biz?

    Keemun Hao Ya A tea crops for the year?

    WHAAAT? Right now I’m leaning towards the former, if only because the latter would be considerably more difficult to get info on…

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