17 FebA Charm of Hummingbirds

Didn’t see the little girl hummingbird today, but I saw a bright red-chested little boy. It amazes me how tiny they are, how quickly they move, and how fragile they look.

Shifted my registration from Go Daddy to Namecheap.com. I wanted it done through DreamHost so I could take care of everything from one place, but apparently LISHost uses DreamHost on the back end and… with limited time to muck around and get it figured out, this was just easier. Easy. Peasy. So that’s all taken care of.

Edited to add: the folks at DreamHost were really nice when they responded, but the first response made it clear this would require some back and forth clarification, and by the time I got a second response, I already had my domain moved and taken care of. It’s done, that was the major key thing I was looking to accomplish…

I keep thinking it’s time to revisit and clean up the site, and I keep not being sure what I want to do with it, so I check in randomly and leave notes about birds and various random other things.

I saw a corner of the crow highway towards the north of the lake today. Yesterday I listened to the rain on the roof. I got most things on my to do list done this weekend. I didn’t get the financial stuff entirely wrapped up, but it’s a big chunk of closer. I guess it’s about time to start doing taxes. Next weekend. I’m working on laundry now. I made fresh hummingbird food. I didn’t exercise today. Swim team was at the community pool with starting blocks (start clinic). I need to start doing some moving while I’m waiting for swim team to get out. Whether its swimming or going and using the rest of the facility… Ayep. And I need to do gyro &/or yoga at home on days/nights that I don’t end up at the Y.

‘S truth. ‘S also boring, boring, boring accounting of a sliver into my life.

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