08 DecHungry Tiny Birds

Waiting for folks to come so we can go get our tree.

The hummingbirds have been sucking down their food lately. Last year we didn’t have stuff for them until sometime in January, but this year we do and They Know About It.

Mia has run away to Michigan. Kim has taken over the gyro. It remains a constant in my life that grounds me.

Among the highlights of this year for me, being on the MLIS Advisory Board for the University of Washington’s iSchool. When my energy would flag at work, it seemed as if right when I needed it, there’d be another event, and I’d get all excited again about the fact that I DO love what I do, and I am surrounded by people who also love what they do (or are at least more or less at peace and comfortable in the skin of what they do). It has been an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful to be involved.

I am still working out how to bring as much to both work and the iSchool as I can — it’s a learning opportunity to be sure, but I helped get some things coordinated that I feel good about.

People almost here. Can’t wait to have lovely smell of fresh evergreen in my living room.

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