11 MarBuzzed!

We spent the weekend at the ocean for the first time in over a decade. It was lovely. We need to go back more frequently. Many crows, many seagulls, many many more of the tiny little birds that follow the clammers in great flocks but which were way too far away for me to tell what they were. I heard a woodpecker across the river.

I got home, brought in the hummingbird feeders to wash and refill with fresh food. Upon returning the feeders to the deck, my little hummingbird friend flew up to me, told me in no uncertain terms to put his food down, then zoomed off to a distant tree to watch me go back inside. I didn’t seem him the rest of the day, but admittedly, I wasn’t sitting and looking out for him either, as there were things to be taken care of upon the return from our trip.

Sitting at the ocean this morning, I realized, we could have used another day or two there. Perhaps next time. It’s further away now than when I was in Olympia, and by the time we’ve stopped for lunch, it’s a respectable four to four and a half hours to get there. It used to be close enough for a day trip out (or night, as the case occasionally was) or a weekend away. There’s just enough time now spent traveling that it isn’t just a weekend trip… at least not as infrequently as we do it.

Perhaps we will get better at taking time. As Paul was noting, we work hard, and because we’re just doing what we need to do to do what we do, we don’t always realize that we need the break. But we do. Do-do-doo-doit-doo-doo.

So anyway, just because I don’t see Mr. Hummingbird every week, apparently doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice when I clean the feeder & provide fresh food. Dude’s a character, that one is…

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