04 MarInvisible Bird is Audible

Didn’t see any birds yesterday, but they were chirping way up in the tree tops. Heard a woodpecker too.

Big week done. Another big week coming up, packed into four days. Naturally, I seem to have come down with a cold. Meh. Going to try to get all my sleep (for real!) and take it very easy today, at least. Took today off from level 2 gyro. First one I’ve missed & I’m kinda sad about that, but this also doesn’t feel like something to just push through. Sometimes you can push through a cold, sometimes you should just not. This feels like one of those latter times.

Paul just came down all dressed up to go out for a ride. He looks good all dressed up like a bicycle rider.

Time to go check on the last time the cat litter got changed — someone peed in the downstairs bathroom & I suspect it’s because a.) we have a kind of senile, confused old lady cat & b.) the litter boxes are not in the best condition… Bleck.

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