02 FebBirds! Lots of birds!

I didn’t see our little hummingbird buddy today, but then, the snow is gone and perhaps his other sources are preferred. Or perhaps I just didn’t look up at the right time.

I came downstairs for something, and saw out the window, a little chickadee, and then a lot of chickadees. I came into the rec room and there were a Whole Lot More Chickadeeees! And sparrows! Eating bugs in the leaf layer that we haven’t raked up yet from the maples. In our yard! I was afraid we didn’t have any little critters, but we do! and then there was this brilliant red streak flashing past and landing on a log — I didn’t realized pileated woodpeckers were that big! And at the very same time as the flock of chickadees, sparrows, and Woody, in swoops a flicker!

Best part of my day.

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