23 JanAnother Day

Have only seen my little hummingbird buddy a couple times in the last few days. Then again, I haven’t been stuck working at my dining room table for the entire day either… I have seen him once or twice a day though, so he’s managing through the crazy wind and follow up rain. I haven’t seen the girl hummingbird since early on. She may just not be quite so flashy, or maybe she has another source that she prefers. The squirrels discovered the bird seed on the front porch, completely unsurprisingly. They totally nommed it. They can clean it up now — I have the bird feeder hung in front of the kitchen window where they can’t reach it, but the smaller birds can get to it. No one has discovered the bird seed on the back deck yet. I suppose eventually either they will or not.

Back to the office for the first time in a week tomorrow. Ugh. My hours & sleep schedule ended up a little feral again. Monday morning will be not all that much fun, but is an excuse to get around to trying to reign in the creeping late nights.

We’re officially out of the storage unit now though. All our stuff, for the first time since around April of 2007, is out. All our stuff is in our new house. I don’t know how we fit all that stuff in that tiny house. I think a lot of what has come home should probably be donated. Discardia, baby, oh yeah. Actually, I’ve been pretty good with getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Now it’s just down to the hard stuff. Except for what will really, really not be hard.

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