16 JulReflections on Bicycling

Love love love it! But it took me 1h 20m to get into work this morning. Weirdly, it only took me 1h 5m to get home. Then again, I started out without quite a full battery & it hit the half way power point only 3 miles in on the way in so I rolled in about 75% on my own power. And while I didn’t particularly make much better time mph-wise on the way home (9 on the way in, 10 on the way home), I did take it easy with a full battery, but mostly used for the last hills between the trail and home.

So my final thoughts are these.

  • It’s absolutely decadent.
  • It was a lovely ride in and a lovely ride home.
  • If I do it somewhat regularly, I will likely get faster.
  • Realistically, this is something that will have to be a treat — it leaves too much of the dropping off & picking up of kids to P. At least until I get faster.

There might be more to say, but I’m watching The Pink Panther with the girls & am distracted by Inspector Clouseau.

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