18 JunConjecture, adventure & wildly improbable guesses

Damn. Stupid lab forgot to do the measles titer so they had to take more blood and they’ll “run the test tomorrow”. Or something. Feh. All else looks good.

Was thinking on my way into work today how closely birth & death are linked. Maybe I have a morbid mind, but I start thinking about birth, then I start thinking about miscarriages, and before I know it, there are fire-y car crashes & cataclysmic world endings. A little dramatic… I don’t dwell on these thoughts overly long, they just pass through before I move on to wondering about other things, what would I do in an earthquake, why labs love messing up tests of people who dread having blood drawn, how I’m going to manage school & being pregnant/giving birth/having a newborn. You know, “normal” things (or at least as close as I can approximate). Then I go on to contemplate the honey bees from up the road buzzing around my chamomile & wondering about what kinds of pesticides they encounter around here (& would I want to eat the honey?).

And, oddly, I feel contented. A little apprehensive about the future, momentarily, but contented none-the-less. We are born, we live, we probably pay less taxes than the government would like, then we return to where-ever it is we come from. Beyond that, it’s all conjecture, adventure, wildly improbable guesses.

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