22 MarSunday Morning Misc. Update

Having kind of a melancholic, nostalgic morning. I dreamt about one of the places I worked in college (Archibald Sisters) & want to go wander around the store. I need some new lotion & they’ve got all kinds of other entertaining things to look at too. Pretty earrings, funny cards, novelty misc.

There’s a showing in 1-2 hours. We’re fourth on a list, the lady said she’d call & give us a 15 minute warning. Depending on the broker, that’s anywhere from “we’re in your driveway” to never. It’s too early to take the little girls to the Y — total pita to have M2 sit by me & try to watch the tv on the machine, assuming one with a tv is available.

We’ve reached the point where we need to talk with our financial advisor about staying on/pulling off the market, but I think it’s just a formality. At this point we’re exhausted & need a break & the house needs work that we just don’t have time to schedule for between our work schedule, open houses, showings, & life. At the end of this three months, I think we’re going to pull off for a year & do stuff like get floors taken care of, downspouts, new doors, fix the back deck that’s part rotted & part pulled up from trying to rescue poor TimTheCatDude last fall… there’s other stuff that needs done too that we just haven’t gotten to…

And here comes M2 in her fairy wings. My sweet toofless wonder singing Oats & Beans & Barley Grow.

Had a lovely time with friends last night. It was the first time they’d met trailofstars & the girls. We had a lot of fun. Friends are good to have.

And now it’s time to get ready to go in case they actually do end up showing up on time. I’d rather go back to bed & back to sleep.

And there they ring. Ten minutes & I’m not dressed or hair brushed. Ah well…

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