15 MarOld Lady Cat

‘Spew’s getting old. This May we’ll have had her for 13 years. We’ve always locked the cats “downstairs” at night to keep them from singing for their breakfast at our bedroom door every morning. Lately ‘Spew has taken to singing at the downstairs door very shortly after getting put down there for the night. Insistently. Persistently. All night long. Tonight I thought I’d better see what’s up. She is, after all, getting old & all.

What’s up is that she wanted back upstairs to sleep in her favorite comfy chair right in front of a heat vent because TimTheCat had claimed the apparently comfy office chair already. Poor old creaky thing. I pulled down a big old throw pillow that looks rather as though it was made of Cookie Monster & put it on the wooden chair in sort of a nest-y shape. She protested and acted annoyed because that’s how she is, but she’s been quiet ever since so I think she’s secretly quite pleased with it. Or at least it will be sufficient. Silly ‘Spew Cat…

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