21 FebNo! No! I Need More Time!

So there it was & there it went. One week of vacation gone. I got about half of the stuff I wanted to do done. Not included on the list was spending at least one day curled up in the chair in a fetal position wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Eventually I took a nap. And now? It’s almost over. I’m not ready for it to be over. I guess at least I have enough vacation built up & building up that I can take a week once a quarter or so.

I got some spinning done. Discovered clothes moths in the big fleecy-fleece I’ve been working on. It got pulled out of the freezer today & it’s now a priority to finish carding & get it spun up. I didn’t finish P’s gloves yet. I made a dent in them & there’s still time to make a further dent. Without really thinking about it, I bought a hank of merino/alpaca blend for $9 — 50g of it. Um. I tend to spin at a weight of just under one yard per gram & ended up with 57.5 yards. For $9. Note to self — these are good things to remember! Ah well. It’s pretty & it turns out that it goes with a big ol’ hank of some green yarn I’ve got… maybe I’ll make a hat out of them. Now to find a hat pattern. Think I might want to full it. Wheee!

There’s some things I didn’t get done too. But… it is what it is. A Bit of Fry & Laurie is on — yay, netflix. I’m going to get to carding. Gawd, I hate carding! I want a drum carder! But… back to the carding anyway.

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