24 JanBiohazard Girl Strikes Again

Yeeesssss. I go and do something really grown up (we joined the Y — I need exercise, the little girls need swimming lessons, and I need exercise & the doing it at home thing was just not working), the nice lady who did our membership walks us through the joint & as we’re walking back to the desk, I get a good gushing nosebleed. To the point that it dripped down my jacket & on the floor. Awkward! Yeh. Only one drop on the floor & I got it cleaned up long before the nice lady noticed anything was awry. I did get a huge splash all over my brand new temporary membership card, so I asked the nice lady for a new one and she looked down at it & said, “Oh yeah — that could be embarrassing!”

After everything stopped gushing, P went upstairs to read & listen to music (big headaches + noisy splashy swimming pools just don’t mix), and the girls & I went swimming. M2 is getting braver about the whole getting her face wet, I think a few more times noodling around in the pool & she might be ok with swimming lessons. I hope. I know. So domestic.

Tomorrow such exciting things as fish tank cleaning & general house cleaning. And then going back to the Y so the little girls will stop begging. It’s new. You know.

In other completely unsurprising news, I <3 Dethklok. I finished the book I was reading, borrowed from a friend at work: The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. It was interesting, mostly for the natural world facts along the way. Kinda preaching to the choir as far as the message goes — yeah, sustainability. I don’t need justification for sustainability. I get it. So, it was an interesting read, but not really world view changing. Now I have to decide what to read next. I have a huge stack of books to read. I have the original Girl Scout handbook which I’ll probably read in bits and pieces interspersed between the other stuff, but the three I’m trying to decide between that I just can’t seem to settle on one — Information Ethics: Privacy, Property, and Power by Adam D. Moore, Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition by Umberto Eco, or Sorting Things Out: Classification and Its Consequences by Bowker & Star. I want to read all of them at once & that… I think that would just be not good. Since I have been trying to decide what to read next since, like, Xmas, I’m going to go alphabetically. No, I think actually I just want to start with Info Ethics because that’s where I think I want to start, because when I thought about going with LoC classification, which would have given me Sorting Things Out, and I decided I preferred to go with alphabetical, so I seem to have *some* preference here. Info Ethics it is. Woo! Been a while since I read any Eco, but after 18 years, I’m still a little stung from having a professor snidely say ‘oh semiotics is so two years ago, now it’s all about deconstruction.” Pretty sure he said it to be a jackass, but w’evs. Both are interesting theories.

ANYWAY. I’ve apparently decided what to read next. Did I mention I love Dethklok? I love Dethklok.

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