16 DecSnow!

I love snow, with the qualification that I love to be at home safe while there’s snow on the ground.

Tomorrow I have a client lunch that I’ve been looking forward to a few weeks. I like both of my primary clients quite a lot. They’re good people, I think we’re all on the same page about the direction we need to go and it’s nice, in my field, to work with people who *get it* — they’re far & few between it seems.

I want to go to lunch, I live in the convergence zone. Some times it’s just a tiny bit to the north of us, but a lot of the time we get hit pretty solidly. And between us and work is a Big Hill. Elevation causes the top of said hill to invariably get hit pretty solidly. On my drive in on Monday, it was the only part I white-knuckled on.

WHY WHY WHY does it have to be that the forecasts are all predicting snow starting mid-morning right as I should be about arriving at work? Including the possibility of freezing rain? I just want to go & have a nice lunch, come home directly afterwards and then it can snow along my route to/from work.

I know I’m a snow chicken. I have reasons for being a snow chicken. Namely the accident-in-snow from ’96 which I’ve more or less recovered from (no one was hurt, it was just terribly unnerving, go figure — road turned to ice while I was driving) & the ’06 snow where I got stuck on the top of Big Hill. On the upside, my aunt happens to live right at the top & I was able to safely make my way to her house, on the downside, that’s where I spent the night. And it took me 4.5 hours to get there, four of those hours spent slowly, painfully trying to make my way up that big hill. I was about halfway up when the roads went to ice. Fucking. Terrifying. Not to mention the first night I’d ever spent away from the youngest & she was still nursing. It was not a good night for me. And I don’t want to go through that again. Totally traumatic.

So snow? Please either hit early & make it obvious that I should just stay home or take it easy until I’m home after lunch. Swear I’ll come straight home!

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