03 DecChange, Wordle, & Content Analysis

X-posted with the work blog.

I thought the use of Wordle by the Obama transition team to summarize the primary concerns arising from the discussion on healthcare was interesting with respect to using tag clouds for subject analysis of a discussion. While Wordle produces a static image, rather than links that can be followed to find content, it gives a good idea of what type of content a site, document, or discussion has available while simultaneously allowing one to quickly gauge the priority of topics – at least by word count. 

The cool thing about using Wordle is that it does the screen grab, then allows you to adjust the graphic for direction of words, fonts, color, layout, inclusion/exclusion of words (be they redundant, misleading with regard to "aboutness", or otherwise inappropriate).  If you’re tracking changes to a site’s content over time and want to talk about that, using two different Wordles can help display the shift in topic in a creative way.

Just for fun, I put together a Wordle for this [the work] blog, reflecting the content at this time. (Though it’s getting cut off in *this* location…).

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