28 NovThanksgiving

Was good. We used the silver given to my great-great-great grandparents for their wedding (and then to me from Gramma to me when P & I got married). My mom found a letter from my gramma to me, it looked like a draft. She may have given me a similar letter for the silver as part of the gift, but I didn’t keep it with the silver. And this looked like it had been typed up afterward and discarded part way through, it was saying how nice the wedding had been & stopped mid-sentence but never thrown away. I’ll keep this one with the silver. It’s a very sweet little letter. Apparently it’s an oldest daughter thing, so my mother pointed out that it needs to go to M1 next then she shrugged and said, “although I never got it, I guess…” Hee. It’s only a complete set of six pieces (and an extra, but well used teaspoon). On the upside, it’s a fairly common pattern that I’ve seen before in thrift shops. I suspect the vast majority of the value is in the sentiment, like so much that I’ve come into ownership of.

The turkey turned out well. I broke with tradition & chopped it to pieces & braised it ala Mark Bittman’s recommendation. I even did a passable job of breaking it into bits & then getting the breast off without boning my hand. As usual, I dished up way more than I could eat. Oif. But I was good and didn’t continue picking… much. An added bonus of pulling it to pieces was that I could roast the remaining carcass & set up the stock before I had to start the rest of the process, so I had a decent pot of broth by the time gravy came around. Woo! In the end, not including the gravy I made of it, I got a good gallon of tasty broth out. Nom.

Starting Wednesday, & punctuating the kitchen work Thursday, and through out today, I’ve been following the Mumbai… incident? It seems bigger than an incident. The Mumbai… tragedy. Horrific. On the first night, we watched the news. I was afraid the girls, M1 in particular, were going to have trouble sleeping, but they did ok. They managed to both miss the graphic pools of blood shots, and the rest were of frightened people & buildings on fire. We did talk some about how scary things happen every day & the nature of media is that only some of them get covered and that the news focuses mostly on the bad news & that it’s up to us to find the good news in our lives. It was a kind of a sad way to lead into our day of thanksgiving, but I think we felt pretty thankful. It’s easy to ignore the news, and easy to write its selective coverage off. The world is a complicated place. For all the frightening and ugly aspects of humanity, I’ve seen some amazing acts of generosity & compassion come through as well.

And I don’t know how to end this. I feel like anything I could say would be trite and not really what I want to express, so perhaps best to just let it be…


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