15 NovWell, It *Was* Friday Night

I am up to my usual shenanigans of reading professional literature & watching random weird stuff until way too late into the night again (like it’s different from any other night, no, not really). Must be time to go to the spa again. That seems to calm the compulsive monkey in my brain for at least a little bit. There’s just so much out there! I think — I really like taxonomy & related topics…

Lots to do tomorrow so I don’t know why I’m procrastinating going to bed except that going to bed means I have to attempt to wake up in the morning. Probably too early to the sweetest little monkey-muffin crawling all over me… but what with the lots to do, that’s probably for the best. Hopefully neither girl tries the busting out in tears at the slightest drop of a hat (or “no”) tomorrow. That’s been annoying lately.

Gonna go check out the PCC in Edmonds. P is going golfing with his brother, so I’m on my own in the ayem. Which is fine. We’ll have a grand adventure attempting to get motivated enough to get out of the house before he gets home. Also, checking out the PCC. A *grand* adventure, I tell you what!

Tomorrow eve we’re going to go have dinner at some friends’. I’m making the potato-chive-cheddar bread & bringing soup. They’re providing the salad & dessert. It’ll be lovely. Oh, and we’re bringing some of the beer we made as a work team event. We named it Taxonomic Impediment. I hear from people who know such things that it’s very good. Woo!

Yeah, that little monkey is going to be crawling on me early. I need to get to bed. Sigh.

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