02 NovSpinning & Stuff

Started doing some spinning this weekend for the first time in a long time. I finished off my green roving from last Xmas & now I’m back to having to card the fleece I’ve had for a couple years now, cursing the cost of drum carders. On the upside, in the eventuality that I finish carding & spinning the fleece (spinning is not the problem, it’s that my motivation to card wears thin quickly), I may actually have enough to do a sweater with it! Have been thinking about recycling some sweaters & knitting new sweaters with the yarn salvage, but I always worry that the edges are just seamed and not true knit (meaning the thread ends at the end of each row which is problematic…). I guess it’s not like I wear some of these sweaters anyway, right? Right. I just need to take a deep breath. Or maybe I need to hit up a thrift store and get some scrap sweaters for super cheap that I’m not attached to…

Have had a headache for the last two days. M2 is getting sick now. It seems to be the next variation on what’s been going around. I’m hoping that she’s had enough exposure to get just a light touch, then move on, but… she’s in kindergarten. It remains to be seen.

It was a decent weekend. I didn’t get the fish tanks cleaned. Probably not going to get done tomorrow or Tuesday either.

Tomorrow the little girls have girl scouts. They get their uniforms & things to sew on to their sashes/aprons. Yay for me inheriting Gramma H’s thimbles. M1 can sew her own stuff on. I guess there’s stuff that makes the badges iron on too… but some how pulling out needles & thread seems less bothersome to me than actually unearthing my iron & ironing board. Ironing is for special occasions, namely: weddings & funerals. I destroy too many clothes by attempting to iron them. I’m so dreadfully bad with an iron…

Going to Amanda Palmer when she comes to Seattle (barring a distinct lack of tickets). WOO!

Time to put the wheel, fleece & hand cards away & go take care of last things that are going to get done tonight.

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