21 JulPonderances

As opposed to Ponderosa… So a while ago there was this three (?) random things meme & I couldn’t think of anything random at that moment so I didn’t do it, but I’m feeling kind of random tonight so figured I’d put them down.

Random thing number one… I think this would have to be the fact that I went to ask someone a question last week & she laughed at me and said I never ask questions, I come to verify that the answer I’ve found is correct. I’m validating, not asking. I’m not sure how I feel about this. She thinks I’m impossibly wonderfully smart, but I feel more S-M-R-T! So it’s not like she’s seeing this as a fault, but I wonder about the perception that I come to the table already knowing the answer (or knowing several possible answers, one of which is more likely than the others to be correct). She may not be seeing this as a fault, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s a perception that is helping me or one that ultimately is not such a good thing. To some degree, as a consultant it’s probably good to look like I have a pretty good idea of what the answers are when I come to the table, but there are other areas where I wonder more.

Crap, I had a couple other really good random things I’ve been pondering & I can’t remember what they are now. Huh. Well, here’s another random thing. We saw a very nice man about money stuff today. He told us, and me in particular, that we need to take a *real* vacation. For reals. I’m not sure I’ve really had more than two or three real vacations in my adult life. I suppose he might be right.

I made P laugh this weekend by playing a Metallica song on the ukulele. (No, don’t ask).

I think bees are really cool.

Dang, I still can’t remember what the other two random things I actually wanted to write about were. I guess they were just that random.

Edit #1: Ok, another totally random thought that wasn’t one of the original two that I can’t remember. Someone *totally* needs to hack the amazon kindle into a recipe database. SRSLY.

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