28 JunNotes to Self

Manhattans are really tasty. We knew this, this is just a pleasant reminder. I’ve wanted one of these since Friday morning. Badly.

Pitas require a 500F oven to cook. Consider this next time you decide that pitas are required on a hot day. It’s 88F still in the main room of the house at nearly 10:30pm & now you’re committed to cooking 16 pitas. Standing in front of the oven for approximately the next half hour. At least my Manhattan is cold.

The new Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell is like sex on… on… whatever it is that music is recorded to these days. Much like their first. ZOMG. There’s at least one couplet that makes me blush, quite literally, & I gasped the first time I actually caught what he said. And then blushed. Damn. Just hawt. And this is not just the whiskey talking.

Time to go take care of these pitas… And then to see what the whiskey actually has to say… hmmm.

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