08 JunNot Strep

So M2 has a negative on the strep test again. They’re sending it out for further culturing to verify, but this happened last time too. Because we treated on a negative test last time (and couldn’t get her to open her mouth for the second swab — we did both at once this time), the doctor said, ‘we’ll keep you posted on whether or not it’s strep’ & they’ll do a prescription if it comes back positive. I’m going to guess that it won’t. Regardless, unless her fever & stuff breaks today, there’ll be no daycare tomorrow & one of us grown ups will have to work from home. Meh.

M1 went with her friend to see The Music Man last night. Her friend’s brother was in it. Big excitement for M1 frequently translates into big tummy aches. So I was up the better part of the night trying to be comforting and saying a lot of, ‘yes, I know you don’t feel well. I’m so sorry. I know it sucks. Yes, I know your tummy hurts. (wash, rinse, repeat)’.

I have no wit or wisdom to pass on today (ok, I never have wisdom).

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