10 MayRelaxation

So… the thing with relaxation… I’ve been pretty wound tight for the last I don’t know how many years. I relax and all I can do is realize how tired I am… I slept a lot of today. Now I’m hennaing my hair.

This morning we got another call, three realtors brought clients by today, this morning. We vacated and went to Barnes and Nobles to browse for books and things. On our way, my dad called & said their house sold. He wasn’t happy about what it sold for, but… it sold! In a market that makes the one we’re in look really, really good. Actually the inspection is tomorrow and closing is on June 16th. I’ll feel better about saying their house is sold when it’s through inspections… and then through final closing… but, it’s more than we’ve gotten so far. I’m happy for them though — that means they’ll be up in Seattle & a little closer to their grandkids who adore them. And the house that my Dad has wanted to live in I think probably since he left it as a young man.

Anyway, back to B&N… Their linguistics & philosophy sections are sadly understocked. I did find an entertaining looking linguistics book though — Far From the Maddening Gerund: and other dispatches from Language Log. Not quite what I was looking for, but it will do betwixt the other three or so books I’m paging through.

M2 found a book on fairies that’s so sweetly drawn & pretty much perfect for her age when we’re not doing the ABC thing. M1 had a gift certificate from her birthday? Christmas? She got The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, & Little House in the Big Woods. I think she’s half way through The Secret Garden already. She’s thanked me several times for recommending it to her. Sweet girl. Then we bought lunch and ended our adventure.

Then we came home & I napped most of the afternoon. All I wanted to do was lie down. Though I did get sourdough pizza crust (and pizza!) made. Artichoke heart & goat cheese was one of them, pineapple was the other. OM NOM NOM NOM. After dinner, the girls and I read, two chapters out of the Cat Who book that M1 & I are working through, and two chapters of the fairy book we got today for M2. They both crashed out, and… my hair is hennaing, the Mariners are bombing, and TimTheCat is curled up next to me. I think I’ll sleep well again tonight despite all the napping this afternoon.

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