27 AprRandom Sunday Night Update

M1 & I spent two hours reading the Cat Who Talked to Ghosts to each other tonight. I made her read me a chapter while I put the bread together, then I read her… two? three? chapters. We’re getting to the good part where all the clues start coming together & the drama is building & everything gets *very* exciting. There’s only three chapters left in the book — that’s the point we’re at. Then M2 made me read Dr Seuss’s ABCs, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, The Stuff on My Cat ABCs, Nikki McClure’s Awake to Nap (a much beloved gift from jainabee for Chinese New Year). Whew. Now they’re in bed & I’m waiting for the bread to rise & the oven to warm.

I got the tomatoes planted today. In the ground. Sigh. And the marigolds. I dug up the star lilies that were coming up & potted them so we can, if we ever move, take them with us. One bulb broke off deep, so either we’ll have one left out there next year or whoever buys the house will have a pleasant surprise. Last weekend was a baking weekend. This week was a planting weekend. With a little baking thrown in for good measure. We are, apparently, out of bread so I made some. :)

I did some yoga for the first time since I was sick. Lots of tension and peculiar points of resistance. Or maybe not so peculiar, but noted and all that. As I was coming out of savasana a realtor called and wanted to come over — “how does now sound?” P begged 10 minutes. All the beds were unmade, our sheets were being washed, the kids’ stuff scattered everywhere. We made a mad dash to get everything cleaned up & were walking out the side door as they drove up. I hate this routine. I hate it hate it hate it. The kids were over at the neighbor’s playing & knew a realtor was at our house, so P & I took a walk around the block. They were still here, so we crossed the house & went to look at the creek a block from our house. Some time since last fall, it had done a wild sinkhole thing nearly up to the main thoroughfare street. The creek had been sent through a big cement pipe under the street, and… I don’t know — the pipe or tunnel or whatever must not have held. Before we moved in, there’d been a sinkhole that took out, sweartagod, part of a gas station. But this was new damage and it was much bigger than before. I wish I’d taken my camera, but I didn’t. The creek that runs through the far back of the backyard at the Creek House is a small finger stream off the main creek, it’s not The Main Creek, not by a long shot. I’d have substantial reservations if it were The Main Creek. Concerns & reservations are all a moot point though until we know if this one is getting sold.

I can hear M1 snoring in the other room. Heh.

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