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Went oot & aboot myself today & met my brother at the Frye Museum to see Boris Gaquere (classical guitar). With a bonus of having to show up about an hour early to get a ticket, that gave us about an hour to wander through the R.Crumb exhibit that’s showing there right now as well.

R.Crumb was… well, R.Crumb. It was interesting to see the originals, done on graph paper, sometimes with old tape marks. I really liked his little spool people — faces drawn on thread spools. On the “busy” pieces, the level of detail was really astounding. I liked the ones with more white space, I admit. It would have been easy to spend a lot more time really reading through all of the pieces, but an hour gave us a nice (perhaps for some peculiar value of “nice”) overview.

Boris was pretty much awesome. I really enjoyed the concert. I like the small auditorium there, it’s about the perfect size for classical guitar & has nice acoustics. I thought he had a good set of pieces. He has kind of an odd posture, sometimes resting his chin on his guitar as he concentrates & it seems almost as if he uses his right shoulder sometimes to pin the guitar down on his leg — could have been my angle too. But much like runners have their own ergonomics that work for their own bodies, so it is also with instruments to some degree. He clearly enjoyed the pieces he was playing. A & I really enjoyed his playing as well. He used the full instrument nicely, incorporating not just the fretboard, but the soundboard & the bit of strings by the tuning gears, & the tuning gears themselves as well. He played a piece by Dyer — Hommage á Villa-Lobos where at a couple points he dropped the pitch of one of the strings & brought it back up into tune, as a part of the piece, & just kept plowing ahead. Among others, he also did his own piece, Obrigado: Escola de Samba, Pao de Acucar & Carioca (the sound quality doesn’t really do him justice in this recording, but if you’re interested, it’ll give you a gist).

The concert let out a little early, so A & I ambled through the museum shop, then stood talking in the parking lot for a little bit. That was still earlier than I had to be home for so I stopped by Third Place Books on my way home & poked around there a little bit with no one hanging on me, demanding this, that, and the other thing.

Now I’m sitting here with a full belly, a warm little M2 on my lap, a not as little probably just as warm M1 curled up next to a curled up TimTheCat on the couch & I think it might be almost popcorn time.

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