22 MarRandom Saturday Update

About a half hour until we leave to go look at some houses. M2 is running a fever (or was before I bribed her with an otter pop to take some tylenol). She ate some saltines & drank some juice & is coming around a little.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. It all happened so quickly & Siobhan truly was a companion critter. I think evenings for the foreseeable future are going to be difficult. And people coming to the door. My aunt dropped off M2 yesterday & I involuntarily looked at where she would normally be standing and miaooowing. This morning I caught ‘Spew sitting for in the shadows in the hall & for a moment I thought I saw Siobhan sitting there, then she morphed into ‘Spew. The brain plays tricks… In thinking about it, I’ve had lots of fish, I have a tortoise I’ve had since, uh, er, ah, late ’91? So around 17 years or something? But this may be the first real companion companion critter that I’ve lost. And holy fuck, is it hard. So, I might be doing a little rambling on about Siobhan as I try to process, but I’ll try not to go overboard. Suffice to say, the tears still come easily right now.

20 minutes ’til seeing a new house. Or multiple new houses. So tired. Such a long week. I want to crawl back into bed & pull the covers back over my head, but we’re even leaving early to look at houses because someone is coming to look at ours so I can’t.

We’re watching some stupid cartoon. WHY does the boy cow have udders? That’s just… really fuxxored.

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