15 MarMore Awesome

The congestion in my chest has moved entirely to my head.  The snuffly head overflowing made me get up earlier than the rest of my body wanted to & from then until just now, I’ve been cleaning, trying to get this house into ‘on sale’ order.  Oof with the cleaning & scrubbing & vacuuming & scrubbing & cleaning & washing & vacuuming & picking up & washing &… etc, etc.  I need to eat something & then I think I’m going to try to take a nap.

Tomorrow during the open house, we’re going to go to my parents house.  Poor Siobhan will be locked up for a long time, but the last thing we want is her taking a flying leap at someone who’s looking at our house.  That would be bad.  But she has her little safe happy place tent that’s loaded with happy cat pheromones & soft comfy pillows & her own water dish on one side & a nice clean litter box on the other.  Every report that comes back about her has been that she just sits there placidly (probably stoned out of her gourd on the happy cat pheromones) while every one tromps through.  Of course, when all this started she also nibbled all the fur off her belly, but… she’s not attacking anyone or otherwise freaking out.

Right.  Food then, with luck, a nap.  Oh, sweet naps!

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