18 NovNot Sure

Not sure, but pretty sure that it’s dang near impossible to be sad while the Blue Aeroplanes are on.

I think the girls had their new boots on at 8ayem this morning, stomping around. I made scones to eat with raspberry preserves. As if one would make scones to observe or ignore or hang out to dry with raspberry preserves.

I have a long list of things I didn’t get done yesterday. I have little motivation to accomplish any of them save the yoga & guitar practice. But the fish will get fin rot if I don’t take care of their tanks. The bathroom, while it won’t actually cause fin rot in people is reaching the level of general detritus & usual bathroom grime that a good scrub down is in order. I like to do that *before* the point of ew. Especially since the in-laws will be here next weekend. And… ah… oh yeah, I was going to pull up the shelving cover stuff we have below the kitchen sink & replace it this weekend. That may or may not happen because I may or may not care enough to do it. We’ll see.

And here comes little booted girl in her blue velour dress with raspberry jam on the tip of her nose & streaked across her cheek. She’s so sweet, she could be in a Norman Rockwell painting. My sweet little firecracker who is currently putting all her Polly Pocket toys into her sister’s boot. That’s going to go over well. Her sister is listening to her iPod shuffle & “working on her room.” Whatever that means.

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