08 NovMore Kid Stuff

M1 has, again, come up with some brilliant sleep talking. The latest:

M1: Mom? Mom?
Me: Yeah? What’s up < going in and looking at M2 -- it took me a moment to realize the voice was coming from the top bunk >
M1: Mom? It’s going to be hard for me to do my vaccination thingy tonight with the star thing mumblemumble.
Me: < realizing she's sleep talking again > Yes, I suppose it will be. That’s ok. Why don’t you lie back down & go to sleep again?
M1: Ok. < lies back down & goes back to sleep >

Now though, I’m wondering what the hell she’s talking about — is she really dreaming of tuberculosis tine tests? Though that’s less a star than a circle, if I am remembering that time in elementary school (was it third grade for me too?) correctly… Anyway. I’ll see if they’re doing tine testing at school & *then* ask her if she remembers this latest conversation, which amuses me immensely.

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