08 NovBargledy

M2 has strep throat. That sucks.

What sucks even more is that neither of my children “do” medicine. M1 just spits it back at me when I can get it into her mouth & M2 was looking tonight like she was going to follow suit. We managed to get most of the first dose in, the rest remains to be seen. She swished it around her mouth as if she were at a wine tasting, contemplatively. I could see the questioning in her mind as she swished, “Do I swallow it, do I spit it out on Dad’s shirt? Mmm, I don’t know. I guess I’ll swallow it this time, but I don’t like it one bit.” She spent a good part of the evening telling me how she didn’t want anymore of it. Oooh, sigh.

The rest of my day was kind of like that too.

1 dose down, 19 to go, Maude help me.

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