05 NovHuh

I’m pretty sure there’s something I probably should be doing. As I sit in my new seat on the 13th floor (yep, for real!), all I can think of is popcorn & watching the traffic on the surface streets build up as it nears the freeway and the funny flashing lights on all the cranes. Little strings of Xmas lights of brakes going one direction & little strings of Xmas lights of headlamps coming the other.

I did an hour of yoga this morning. I did 45 minutes yesterday. I ache wonderfully.

Tomorrow is M2’s dental consultation with the pediatric dentist wrt the decay in the back of her mouth. I’m apprehensive about the whole thing. She is too. I’m trying not to talk about it at all. My experience with M1 is that talking about it just makes the apprehension worse & it’s best to just happen to happen. I just hope she cooperates with everyone. It cannot be said that I have anything but strong-willed children.

Right. Something to do. Maybe I’ll see if I can’t figure out where the bathrooms live on this floor…

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