04 NovRandom Sunday Update

Stoopid cats broke the turtle light the other night. Holy $%^& those are expensive. I knew that, but it’s always a kick in the gut to have to fork it over.

I accidentally stayed up until the time change last night. Our DVD player clock set itself back last week so it’s been off all week. I looked at the clock on the computer, oh gosh, it’s 12:30, I should go to bed soon. 1ayem rolls around, oops, I’d better go to bed now — wait — the DVD player & the computer clocks both match! < slow dawning that time passed somewhat quicker than I realized it was passing, as it so often does that time of night for me... >

We went out & saw the ballet last night based on the recommendation of a nice fellow at work. It was lovely. The first piece was one of Balanchine’s more famous pieces — Agon. Meh. I understand the technical demands his choreography requires & it’s lovely & blahblahblah, but it doesn’t engage me. I have fallen dead asleep to his choreography more times than I can count at this point. I admit I closed my eyes last night after a bit & just listened to the music for a while. The other pieces were engaging & really fun to watch. The one with rope was so fluid & it looked like a lot of fun to perform. The next one involved strobe lights & was really amazing on a technical level & then there was a Twyla Tharp piece. She always amuses me. It’s always fun to watch playful choreography.

I thought I had more to update, but maybe not.

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