26 AugMinor Changes

I think I’m going to change the front page posts at hipmama switching to an “issue” format rather than “as stuff floats past”. We’re going to explore themes for a bit. The first theme I want to explore is community. From, of course, a parenting pov. What does it mean to be a part of a community? What happens when having a kid separates you from what you thought was your community? How do you build community? Where have you found new community? How about community & kids? There’s a whole huge area of stuff I think would be great article fodder, so I’m looking for five to six articles to post in, say, early October on the topic.

What got me thinking about this was actually making the dough for the bread I made this morning. I made it last night & as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought about the role of food in community, fitting as it’s a recipe from a hipmama. It’s important to “break bread” and share meals with the people who share your life. My favorite recipe book is a book written by the woman who made & my wedding cake. With Love & Butter (oof — guess we won’t be buying that for my brother & his lovely bride’s anniversary!). Summer wasn’t summer for years upon years of my life where there were no Holly B’s cinnamon rolls. At camp, we’d wait for the counselors to return from their morning or day off. At least once in the summer, someone would bring back the much beloved Holly B’s cinnamon rolls. That might have been my favorite summer food of all time. Certainly it tasted the best. And it was a shared treat, an unspoken ritual.

In my life, I’ve found making and/or sharing meals a good way to bring people together into a community. Music is another bonding experience, but it tends to be somewhat limiting — not everyone is a musician, but everyone eats something, has a favorite dish. Whether potlucks, ice cream socials, dinner with friends, picnics… I don’t entirely know where I’m going with this, but, as of two minutes ago, it’s past midnight, & I don’t really have to because this is my lj… I’d like to flesh it out a bit & maybe make a “exec producer’s piece of mind” part of at least this issue…

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