25 AugBlackberry Pie & Stuff

I made The Best Sammich Bread Evar this morning. It’s funny-shaped because all my loaf pans are packed what with the desperately wishing to move stuff, but it’s tasty. I love hipmama recipes. Tomorrow I will make sourdough pretzels again for my aunt’s 70th b-day party & a blackberry pie.

We were shooed out of the house earlier by a realtor who wished to show it so we went to the local elementary school & picked blackberries. On the way there my sandal strap broke. Also, when I was not paying attention and looking at the little garden at the school, I totally missed a curb & fell, scraping my toe & really tweaking my back. It really freaking hurt. I think I scared The Girls by crying (real tears & everything! which is weird because pain doesn’t usually make me cry), it hurt so bad. My toe doesn’t hurt anymore, but I still have the muscle spasm in my back & that sucks. Still, the blackberries will make tasty pie. Actually, I don’t care so much for blackberries because the Himalayan blackberries around here, while the size of one’s thumb, also have seeds the size of… I don’t know what, but they’re big. But I really love making pie. Also: bread. Tonight I will make the pie crusts & let them ‘fridge overnight so they’re nice & cold, & I’ll bake the pie tomorrow. Before or after the pretzels, I don’t know.

Something else I’ve been doing a lot of lately is spinning. For mother’s day two years ago, I bought myself about a quarter of a fleece. Maybe a half. Whatever, it was 7 or 8 lbs of raw wool. I’m about half way through carding & spinning it. I washed it last summer. I wish, someday, to have a drum carder, but for now I’ve got big huge hand cards. It takes a while. I’m pleased with the yarn I’m getting from it. Clearly was not a merino bearing sheep, but I knew that going in. It has a nice staple, in any case.

Last night, M1 came out of her room at 11:30 & sleepily asked me if her little friend, T, had gone home already. Um, yes, it’s 11:30 at night & you walked her home yourself, go back to bed. “Oh, I forgot.” As suspected, she remembered nothing of this incident this morning, though she did remember waking up at 1:30 after having a bad dream, which I also remember.

Fall seems to be settling in early this year. It feels like it should still be summer, but it doesn’t feel like summer, it feels like fall.

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