21 AugBowling with Beeeee!

Today had its ups & downs. The downs were pretty miserable, but… I have to say, if the ups were the reward for getting through, it was worth it. It was kind of a meh day at work. I was pretty blue for a bit & decided to ditch work a little early because Bee is only in town for another week & everyone was going bowling. I got my cats herded & off we went! Yes! Breaking out of our hermit cave, forth we savvied into the wilderness of the bowling alley!

As we drove past the door, P noted, there’s Byron — so some one is here! And good thing as he then pointed us off in the direction of shoes & at their daughter who showed us how to work the machine so we could start the game. We all got Edward Gorey shoes!


M1 bowled:


M2 bowled (.avi file, kinda slow to load, click on it if you want to see adorable bowling action or go here to see it. Yes. We were totally using the “bumpers” so nothing went in the gutters. A much better game that way):

I bowled (and no one took pictures of me).
P bowled (cheeky!):


We all had nice games:


I got picture proof of Bee, but as her son is in the picture (annoyed to find himself under fire), I will refrain from putting the picture up because I know that’s not his trip. Her daughter zipped behind Paul & then hid behind a pair of shoes. People with as adverse a reaction to having their picture taken as me! I sympathize. But not enough not to have done it. Heh.

At the end, we got hugs from both Bee & Byron! Bee held up her arms kind of bat-like & I stood there like the confused PNWer I am & she prompted, “I’m learning to hug!” Oh! Right! And then Byron came over & said congenially after hugging me, “Join the huggers!” He held out his hand & shook P’s hand & then said, “Oh hug!” It’s so very much not what we really do around here, people are flinchy. Which is odd, because I seem to recall in high school very much being a huggy person & then I went to college & everyone started flinching & that was that. I have actual huggy friends & it takes an actual mental shift where I go, oh, yes, these people will not go twitchy & they are huggy people… I remember the last time we went & saw Diamanda & there was a lot of hugging going on in the audience. P turns tome & quietly says, “It’s as if everyone here has survived a major trauma together that has bonded them, this greeting with hugs.” Looking around, I recognized a lot of people from the Seattle music scene & if I recall, a number of members of 7 Year Bitch & I turned to him & quietly said back, “Yes, I think they have.” Anyway. The huggy thing is maybe a different post. Except that I can now confirm from personal experience that Bee is, indeed, learning to hug.

I really want to make a point of saying yes to more social opportunities, even if it means I play hooky more (as if I won’t make that one lost hour up *easily* by the end of the week). Of course, it helps that the girls were welcome at the event. It’s hard for me to justify spending a whole day away from them at work & then feel ok about going out in the evening. Not that much ever comes up where I’m invited out in the evening, I guess… Or they go play with their little friends all day on the weekends & then come home in the evening… still.

M1 has decided that she *really* wants a bowling party for her 9th b-day that’s Coming Right Up. O. M. G. Is she really that old?! M2 thinks that bowling is pretty dang neat. By the end she was running up & just dropping the ball. I’m so glad she never dropped the ball on her toes & only pinched her little fingers picking up a ball once.

It was a lovely evening. That was fun. < beaming >

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