17 AugBleah

On the upside, miraculously, the sellers extended our contingency a whopping ‘nother 30 days. Seriously, I’m shocked. They have kids that are supposed to be starting school too.

As for the rest of it, nothing. Some interest, but nothing has come of it. I’m tired & frustrated. And there’s nothing I can do about it. And my brain, trying to do *something* grasps every last little thing and analytically & critically dissects every little last thing into tiny, itty-bitty, minuscule pieces of last things. And I do mean every last little thing. My brain is not a very fun place to be right now. What should be one sentence is ten. I removed well over 1000 words out of what should have been a very simple email at work today.

So I’m going to turn my attentions to Survivor Man. He’s even cooler than Man vs. Wild because he carries his own cameras & goes out all alone. He’s actually one of the camera guys for Man vs. Wild. Wonder what he thinks of this:

Still love the show, but this vid, totally cracks me up.

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