14 AugHoorah!

I learned Three! New! Words! today! Very exciting!

They are: meronym, holonym, & metonym! Meronyms & holonyms discuss part-whole relationships in ontologies (and linguistics, lexocology, blah, blah, blah) — so petal:flower, the petal is the meronym (a part) & flower is the holonym. Of course, in flower:plant, flower is the meronym & plant is the holoym. Metonyms are when the part is substituted for the whole — metonym so flower:plant, flower could be a metonym, if by “flower” one were referring to the whole plant rather than the bud with petals attached to it (if you said ‘that’s a beautiful rose’ instead of ‘that’s a beautiful rose bush’).

HUGELY EXCITING! Yes. I am a geek. I really like my job. It’s neat.

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