30 JulBread, pt. II

I think tomorrow evening I’m going to see how dead my sourdough starter is. It still *smells* like sourdough (ooohhhh, so yummy!), but we’ll see if there’s any yeast left in that hooch. I added some batter to it & pulled it out tonight — I should know if it’s completely dead by tomorrow morning. If not, I’ll add a little yeast to keep it from being a brick when I make bread from it & re-feed the hooch & see how long it takes before there’s enough of its own natural stuff built up before I can stop adding yeast.

For you purists, no, I won’t be adding the yeast to the hooch, I’ll set the starter aside & only add yeast to the batch of bread that I’m baking. Sheesh.

I really love baking bread. Bagels in particular are really fun, but I tend to think they’re best day of rather than frozen & it’s one thing when you’ve got 12 people who want bagels for lunch, but not so much the 12th bagel after 10 days in the freezer… Sourdough too. The whole having to start the night before. Quick breads & muffins are fine, but I don’t derive the same satisfaction as I do from yeast breads which require kneading & attention.

I took a loaf of Sunday’s Challah into work today & bought some brie to go with it. Satisfaction in a lovely loaf of bread, even day old, is increased exponentially when one gets people asking if I can share the recipe & emails like “My god this bread is out of this world!”

So tomorrow I put another four loaves in to bake in the morning (thank maude for bread that can take an overnight rise!), there’s a broker’s open. I’ll leave one loaf here for them, take one loaf to my aunt, take two fresh loaves into work. Unless I decide to leave one loaf at home & only take one loaf in. I don’t know.

Someone needs to buy this house quickly — in the last three days I finished off the last ten lbs of flour from the 25 lb bag from costco…

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