12 JulMama’s HOME

So a week or so ago at work, it came out that I’d been a “red”head for most of my adult life upon receiving an email from J where the first line read, “My father was shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that you are not a natural red head.” I laughed when I figured out that this was not a *really* interesting piece of spam & then had to explain to my coworkers why I was laughing. I said, “oh, I’m too old to do that anymore.” Ever since I’ve been thinking, damn, I *miss* being red.

The nature of my life since children seems to have been one of increasing need for rationalization, justification, *why* do I want what I want. *Why* do I miss things. Today, I thought, fuck it. Who cares why I want, why I miss? I went out & got me some light red henna (because I didn’t quite kick the justification/rationalization thing though I stared a long time at the full bore red…).

The girls went with the neighbor kids to some picnic so I had time to get it in before they got home, and then it was timed perfectly to rinse when I got them put to bed. I got about half of it in & had a big stoopid grin on my face & marched downstairs & announced to P, “I’m HOME!” He laughed & said, “Now all you need is a glass or two of wine & we’d be set!”

M1 couldn’t stay in bed and had to come & check it out as I was running between the bathroom & the kitchen sink trying to make sure I got all the mud out. She was very curious. “Why are you doing it red?” Because I like it red. “Oh. I like it too!” Is it red enough? “Yep!” Is it too red? “Nope!” The tips don’t seem to be as red as the roots, but when I hold them up, they are just as red, so I think it’s just in how the light is hitting it.

Oh red, how I’ve missed it! I look in the mirror & I recognize myself! I don’t look so washed out anymore!

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