15 JunBooks!

Got home yesterday & there was a package for me sitting on the counter. Two books! Some lovely publishing house has discovered that we may, occasionally, choose to read & review books. The last one P reviewed — it was Punk Rock Dad by Jim… ah… the dude in Pennywise. It was actually a good read that we both enjoyed.

I was warned, when we got the referral by the woman who recommended to the publishing rep that we might be interested, that it was a little like little bits of Christmas showing up all year long. Indeed it is! There’s nothing quite so delightful as arriving home to new books. That said, I am not a parent having trouble with my grown child, nor do I have the time or energy to make my kids bilingual (esp. since I am not bi/multilingual myself), though I would support them if they were inspired to take a second language up… Still, I’ll probably read them because that’s what I do. We (speaking from my position of exec producer of hipmama/mamaphonic) have a policy — not being the Sunday edition of the New York Times, or the Reader’s Advisory from the ALA — that we only publish reviews for material we like. Good times.

Sadly, all my library school stuff is packed & besides having promised the content writers/analysis team at work to put together a presentation on competitive intelligence, I was also recently wishing to access the section from 520, 520? I think it was 520, on reader advisory/book reviews. On the upside, for the book review stuff — there is teh intartubes that bring information right up to my computer! Hoorah! Yeah, it does that with competitive intelligence too, but I can’t remember the name of this one analytic matrix (not SWOT), and I can almost picture right where it is in one of my books. Which is of course packed, like 90% of my life right now. Indeed.

So anyway. That’s the only exciting thing that’s happened in the last few days. We have someone coming to look at the house tomorrow. Surely someone will soon buy it, yes?

Time to practice guitar. I’ve slacked off on that & exercising with the zillions of things going on lately & I’m trying to get back to some sense of routine to round my day out. Bedtime keeps getting later & later because I get distracted by other things & not doing the routine things that signal end of day stuff. Yeah, I know exercising isn’t really end of day stuff, but it’s when I have time to do it, ergo, it is end of day stuff. Crap. It’s 11:48. I’ll practice tomorrow. Or… something.

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