07 MarAmbling Ramblings

I’m *so* bored with workout tapes. OMG. So bored it’s not even funny. So I alternate between a fast march & jogging in place while watching something on tv that’s interesting enough to keep me from pulling my hair out. At least the stuff on the tv always changes and there are no overly chirpy instructors or overly perky whatever their size other people in the background. The vaseline smiles on everyone really bothers me. Dammit, I’m working out, I’m *WORKING* *OUT*, I’m not on a stage where I need to smile — why are you all smiling at me? STOP SMILING AT ME! Ugh. Yes. Tonight I worked out to something entirely fitting on the history channel — something about fighting tactics & instruments used by the barbarians in the late ending Roman era — Huns, Goths, Romans, etc, etc. Gore, sweat, more gore, blood & gore, and silly men in funny hats hacking the crap out of each other. No. Smiling. Ooh, now they’re talking about franciscas. Neato!

I’m up to 397 books in my librarything. I’m still missing a few in the bedroom. And. Ok. None of the erotica has been entered yet. I’m still trying to decide if I want that content available for random (and perhaps more alarmingly, not so random) folks to peruse… Most of the remaining will require hand entry rather than my cuecat. As it is, I think I’ve had to enter around 33% by hand anyway because they’re so old that they only have the isbn printed on them without the barcode, or I have to enter with the loc card number because they have no isbns. At this point, with the exception of the few left in the bedroom that I didn’t get to tonight, I have most everything that isn’t boxed away in the attic. I hope the next house will have enough space for lots of big book cases so we can unbox our books… If not, it’ll have to be time to go through for a more brutal cull, unless they’re boxed & stored somewhere I can actually access them, unlike the attic space they’re currently in.

Need to figure out the crate situation we’re going to use for the cats when we show the house. I haven’t decided if one big thing will work for all three, or if I should get three separate ones (obviously with room for litterboxes, etc). If Siobhan weren’t stranger aggressive, and if they were indoor/outdoor, it would probably not be a big deal, but she is & they are indoor kitties… and knowing that Siobhan does take flying leaps at people & not trusting people not to wander out the back door to look at the backyard & leave the back door wide open while they amble around, it just seems crating, somehow, is for the best. Which will be interesting since TimTheCat is half feral dude. He’s very affectionate with us, but he’ll hide & all interactions are absolutely on his terms. He’s not into being carried around or being approached or anything so crating could be interesting. When/if we do an open house, we’ll be taking them out with us, but those random walk throughs while we’re at work?

Time to get my guitar on so I can get a move on with my evening…

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