21 JanRandom Sunday Evening Update

I’m looking forward to tomorrow like I thought I was going to be looking forward to going back to work after Xmas vaca. The girls were up early again & cranky little monkeys for a good part of the day. Oy.

I didn’t get any spinning done. I hadn’t really planned on doing any, actually. I always think about it this time of night right before going back to work. I looked over at my roving this afternoon & saw something in it that I really want to create. I’ve got this super soft, warm-toned, grey roving that I’m working on right now & I have some left-over white lamb’s wool that’s even softer & I want to make a something — a hat? — that’s mostly grey with white trim… or something. The two are just screaming out to be used together.

So last weekend at G’s birthday, she made everyone pretty beaded bracelets as party favors. I love that idea. I have a couple or three years before I hit 40 & not that I’ll get a big party or anything, but I like the idea of making party favors that are such a personal reflection of oneself — if I start now & just make craploads of scarves & hats & random knitted things, I could have enough done by then… That would be really cool.

Now that the house & my brain are both starting to quiet, I’m not looking as forward to going back to work after all — I see all kinds of things I want to do that won’t likely get done during the week. But it won’t be quiet tomorrow, and really what I think I need is the quiet. Or not. Sometimes I don’t know what I need. But I’m enjoying the quiet at the moment.

I have one last intarwebs thing to do this evening, then it’s on to other things. Have been debating getting a puffer-fish instead of a betta for the girls’ tank. But first I need to look into puffer-fish requirements…

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