22 JulToday

93 in our house. And at just 93, people get irritable

For the sake of redundancy, my children do as well in the heat as me. M1 gets whiny, and M2 gets vicious. It’s a lovely combination, by which I mean, it’s not lovely at all. Now M2 is running around in just her underwear & M1 is envious, but also old enough that she’s wearing shorts and spaghetti top for pjs.

Aside from pulling M2 off a whining M1 all day, I’ve been up to my elbows in water a good portion of it. I washed 3+ pounds of raw fleece. Again. I did an initial “wash” in the washing machine last night. Looked at it this morning & decided to go the sink method. It’s a lot more labor intensive but the fleece is *so* much cleaner now. Plus what I couldn’t see in the washing machine was some funky yolking, as well as some second cuts that needed to get pulled out & tossed. All in all, it wasn’t bad, not a huge amount of second cuts, and not too much yolking. (P — don’t start — I don’t want to hear any of your bad yolk yolks!). Amazingly, the multiple washings (once last night with heavy duty dish soap, then once again with vinegar, then again today in the sink with the dish soap/vinegar routine) I didn’t felt any, except the yolked piece which I did on purpose to see if I could get the yolking out — I couldn’t. All of this was a couple of hours of hands in water work. And I just gave The Girls their baths, with a minimum of water splashed everywhere. But they have clean hair, and I tried a little fancy hair goo in M2’s wild hair to as an experiment to see if I could make it behave for my brother’s wedding. If she’d stop standing on her head on the couch & rubbing it all over pillows & doing summersaults on the carpet, I might have a better chance of telling if it would work or not. On the other hand — if it doesn’t work, it’s likely not to be the fancy hair goo & more likely is just M2… Maybe I’ll get her a satin pillow case. Heh. Anyway, with all the water, I imagine the wrinkles in my fingers will go away sometime tomorrow.

I’m spinning some very pretty merino right now — lots of yellows & reds with a few streaks of navy blue and even fewer streaks of black. So very very pretty. As soon as the stuff I just washed is dry, I can start carding it. Maybe it’ll be ready for when my cousin J. arrives. She expressed an interest in getting together to spin a little when she comes for my brother’s wedding. Sounds like fun to me! Tomorrow we pick her daughter up from camp. M1 adores K. Thinks she’s neato. I finished my gloves… I want to knit something with the gobs & gobs of beautiful shades of green & aqua wool I got at Xmas & spun up… I don’t know what to do with it though. Gloves? Another pair of slippers? It’s excellent stuff for felting/fulling… Hrm.

Despite being up to my elbows in water all day, I’m looking forward to my bath. Nice, cool bath to wash all this nasty hot ick off me.

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