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People — I have not been so glad to be back home with reasonable temperatures and an air conditioned workplace in a long time. I am not a creature that fares well in hot weather. To be honest, I start to wilt much past 75F. Most days over there were about 95. The last night we were there, the temperature on the porch finally dipped down to 81.5 around 9:30pm. Inside was hotter. That’s wrong, I tell you, wrong!

Back at the lake, a long hard day at play, too hot, and M2 melted down completely when I went to move her from our bed so we could go to sleep. She wailed & sobbed from about 10-10:45. Oh, with the weeping! I think the thing that finally saved us was the air thingy in the bathroom, the thing that sucks the steam out when you take a shower — it made enough noise that it blocked out the sound of fireworks going off, and random dogs barking. White noise can be a parent’s best friend. I was very glad one of the b-i-ls forked out for an extra cabin for those of us with littler ones. My niece’s oldest boy (18m?) did the same thing around 1:30am, but she didn’t have the advantage of the fan right there. Here’s weird — my niece having children makes me a great-aunt. Great-aunt Susan. Weird. Just weird.

As I mentioned earlier to JB, this was the vacation of peanuts. Seems like everything had peanuts in it. I can do a bit of peanut, but I way exceeded my limit in the last week. As a result, I have The Itchiest Neck EVAR. Oh how it sucks. I’m hoping it’ll soon be a dreadful memory now that I’m home where it’s easier to control what is available to eat.

What else… Did I mention the heat? Oy, it was hot. Ugh.

Came home and found that a nest of bees (and it looked like honey bees at that!) had infested right by our front door. However, that is the wrong place for bees, and P pulled out the black flag tonight. Sorry little ladies — that’s just not good for our house. It didn’t look like an actual swarm situation either or we’d have maybe gone through the effort of actually finding an alternative way to deal with it. Poor things.

I came back to work today & found my desk covered in pop cans & paper. When I walked in and stood there looking at it, my pdm looked up from her work & said, “Hi Susan! We got you covered!” Yes! I see! Then I spent the next ten or so minutes cleaning it up. Pretty amusing, actually. I actually felt missed!

I think the cats missed us while we were gone. They’ve been extra clingy since we got back.

I’m sure I’m missing things. Oh well. Maybe some things you just had to be there for. And maybe some things are just for a few of us to know, like the fourth of july, sky full of fireworks & heat lightening & tromping out through the fields…

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