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10:37pm 6/29/06

I’m sitting in the same room in Spokane as a wireless router. It is turned off. And requires a key. And the bro/sis in-laws have gone to bed. Oh well. I was up until 1:30 last night and got up early. True, I did get to sleep a good chunk of across state but it wasn’t long enough. Tomorrow we’ll be going to the parental unit in-laws. They’re not locked down & it’s always on. Whoot. I think we’ll get up there early enough that after the obligatory socializing there will be a quiet spot in the afternoon where I can check in on what’s going on, sort through my email so I don’t have a brazilian emails to filter when I get back to work, etc etc.

Bad joke: 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. Rumsfeld comes into the Oval Office to talk to Bush and in the course of affairs mentions that three Brazilian soldiers were killed. Bush goes white, looks stricken, and puts his head down to gather himself back together. When he looks up at Rumsfeld again, he takes a deep breath & says, “Exactly how many is a brazilian?”

A bath is going to feel good, and then *sleep*. Oh sleep. Sweet sleep.

5:12pm 6/30/06

Gah. Wireless isn’t letting me connect here either. We made it to Chewelah. Took a ridiculous amount of pictures today — but they’re good. And I even got them uploaded to the computer! P wandered up into the hills with his Dad to get a load of gravel. I hear he may be going back out early tomorrow morning before the anniversary celebrations for another load too. If he can move… He’s writing about it now in his notebook. Apparently it was a really good trip. While he was gone, we saw a deer in the front yard with her fawn. It was so little, it still had its spots. Mama nipped its butt and it jumped — all of its legs flying out in different directions.


The Girls traveled over really well. M2 learned the fine art of insulting her sister. At mile 214 way out in the middle of the state, she started saying, “M1 is stinky cow!” which was followed shortly by M1 saying, “Moooommmmmm, M2 is calling me a stiiinnnky cooooowwwww!” Sigh. Other than that, they were pretty good. Glad to get out of the car & run around when we finally parked somewhere, anywhere.

M2 insisted on wearing big girl underwear for the trip. We were apprehensive, but we made a couple potty stops & she did good. In fact, < knocking on wood > she hasn’t had an accident yet!

I took a lot of pictures today. I did. I know, I’m repeating myself. I got pictures of the hall where the 50th anniversary celebration will be taking place, and all the stuff in it. I got a quick picture in the actual church where they were married 50 years ago. And where, 30 years before them, P’s Mom’s parents got married too. We got a picture of the library, the mountain P fell off & his high school…



I got part way up to the fingers of the pair of gloves I’m working on & tore them back nearly to the cuff. Goin’ along following the pattern & it was big enough to fit P, so I’m going to just make them to fit me. Probably do better with L’s pattern, but I hit an abbreviation in them that I couldn’t decipher & figured I’d try this pattern out since I have the book… That’s the nice thing on vacation — tearing out four inches of knitting & a thumb hole doesn’t represent tearing out weeks & weeks worth of work, just a couple of car hours.

Looks like the barbeque has started up so dinner isn’t too far off here. It’s too freaking hot — at least the church hall was nice and cool.

M2 is cute. M1 is exhausted. P is trying to find work to do (gravel, or anything else he can do). I think everyone will sleep well tonight…

7/1/06 9:42pm
Damn, I think I just got a mosquito bite. M1 woke up with a tummy ache. I still can’t get the freaking network to assign a network address to my computer. It was hot today, but the event went well. The fireworks tonight started at around 6:30 because S has to report back to duty tomorrow & he wanted to get some in. Some guys came driving up to “check out the competition”. Heh. If he thinks *this* is competition for fireworks, he has seen nothing yet…

M2 was freaking adorable today, as was M1. M2 got caught in a surprise rainstorm & it was so warm, we just didn’t care. No point in fussing about it by the time I found out it was raining — she was soaked. P turns & says to me, “When do we stop caring that she’s getting wet?” I looked at him & said, “I dunno — about five minutes ago.”


7/5/06 11:37am
Figured out while talking to the eldest b-i-l that the reason the wireless won’t assign me a network address is because the buggin’ ISP came out and installed proprietary software on their stuff. Big suck, but whaddevah. I might try connecting through their wired stuff later, but then again, at this point, we’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.

The Lake was good times, and we stopped by & left flowers on my great-uncle & great-aunt’s graves on the way past at Priest River.


Too much to catch up on, stuff to go do…

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