27 MayTired

Took the girls to Folklife today. It was fun last year & it was fun last year (although whoooooo, all those folk-y ladies with their warbly voices — gnaaarrrr!). But it was fun, we had lunch and looked at instruments and watched some high school drummer boys play garbage cans. After lunch was the end of walking for M2, so I carried her around most of the rest of the time we spent there (another 1.5 hours). I swear I don’t understand why I have virtually no upper body strength when I carry her for that long. She’s resisting a nap now, even though she’s a plum-tuckered little monkey.

All told, we were there for about 2.5 hours. Not bad for a 3 year old & a 7 year old. My funny little monkeys…

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