15 AprFishies!

Well, only one, but soon(er or later…) FISHIES!

Bought fish tank (& set up stuff) & new betta today. Betta was healthiest one there. I cleaned & conditioned the smaller tank (no, not the tiny one) & transitioned the betta in. I cleaned & set up the new ten gallon to start the cycle. The pump seems to be working, the light is nice… It’s a good looking set up. Can’t wait to get fish into it… it’ll be really pretty. I grew up with fish. We have family friends who knew us forever as “the people with fish in the bathroom. If there’s room in the bathroom, that’s a fabulous place to have fish. That’s not really the case right now here though.

P wants to name the new betta “Moody Bloo”. The last betta was “Bloo”. Heh. I told him we should let Marian name it. I think it’s going to end up with two names because P is already attached to Moody Bloo — I can tell. I’m amused by either Beta or V.2, but I’m a geek. And not *that* attached.

Right. So… yeah. The old Bloo died on Wednesday. M1 was very very sad. Very sad. Bloo was a dark blue betta. When I pulled him out of the water, I realized the poor guy had fin rot. Now I know what to look for & I’ll be keeping a much closer eye on the new one which actually looks really similar. I’d have gone for another color, but they all looked very unhappy. Or they already had fin rot. Or they weren’t very lively (ammonia poisoning much?). This one looked super-healthy in comparison. Was perky without being agitated, etc.

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait until we can put fish in the new tank? I can’t. Now comes the fun part of figuring out what kind of fish to get. Traditionally I buy a bunch of feeder fish, watch the first couple die fast & have one or two out of the first batch that last for a couple years. I like the idea of a catfish, but having done a little further research on the kind I got, turns out they can get to be 18-24 inches long. Hello. At no point am I going to have a tank large enough to support that! Smaller catfish species is in order. Maybe. I don’t know. It’ll be fun to pick ’em out.

On Wednesday M1 went to Gramma & Grampa’s. Last night we got a call that she had an ear ache, but I got a call this morning that she was feeling much better. Whew! So we’ll see her tomorrow. I told her she could go to the pet store to pick out the replacement betta, but this was really the only decent looking one there so we went ahead & got it & will make a point of taking her with when I go to get the fishies for the big tank…

I got fishies on the brain. Fishies are great.

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