29 MarMidweek Update

Last night I updated HipMama to show features archives. Yay! Now my next project is to verify some tagging on the features. I think most of them are ok, but I saw a few in there that could have used some additional reflective tagging. I’m trying to think of alternative easy-ish ways to tweak the site so it’s a little easier to navigate to content parts. I’m not thrilled with navigation as it exists. Should create a site map, maybe. And figure out a more efficient way to use the side blocks… Tweaky-tweaky. All on “mama-time”. So, sooner or later, eventually, maybe… :)

Starting my felted/fulled ballet slippers. I hope I made/have enough yarn spun for them. I think. I do. I *hope* I do.

Found out our little (ok, not so little) group is moving at work. Other tower, up a floor. It’ll be a much less cramped space, N/NE facing, so it’s a little darker, but apparently it’s a temporary move until we have enough space with the rest of our division back in the S tower. Maybe. Having wandered through there, I don’t know where we’d fit, but I guess that’s not really my concern.

Mythbusters is on tonight. Yay. Which means I should call my mom now so I’m not trying to talk with her while being distracted by geeks. Heh.

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