19 MarDiscardia 3/19

Good Discardia day today. I got the new (well, two? three? months old) kids’ art supply thingy into the closet freeing up the space in front of the turtle-arium. Which involves cleaning some stuff out of the closet, or at least rearranging it. P found a home for our winter quilts & some other stuff clearing space out so we can reach our closet again.

Once we could reach our closet, I took two really full bags of clothes out of there. Stuff that doesn’t fit. Stuff that fits that I should never wear because of the *way* it fits (shapeless, unflattering stuff). And pjs that I’ll never wear. I have more flannel granny nighties than anyone my age has a right to own. So I got rid of a bunch of them. I’ve probably decimated most of my collection of them at this point. Oh. And I got rid of nearly the remainder of my maternity clothes. All that remains is a skirt that I’ve adjusted that I really like (ahem, and never wear) and a sweater that I also really like (which I do wear). I know I should probably get rid of them too, but… but… they’re comfy!

I also got rid of a bunch of stuff out of my chest of drawers. Same kinda thing. Clothes that I just shouldn’t be wearing. What this has made me realize is that I am in desperate need of some work appropriate tops. And I need to figure out how to wear my work appropriate pants to work. Which I fear involves finding “tummy support” things so I don’t have my weird pregnant twice tummy hanging out. Which I hate with a flaming passion because I hate having to fight to get the support stuff all off so I can pee and I hate having to fight to get it all back up afterwards. And I hate the fact that even the “elastic doesn’t roll!” stuff rolls and is dreadful. Bleh. But that’s not discardia so I’ll move on. Suffice to say, many clothes were gotten rid of. There are more I need to get rid of, but I just haven’t quite made the break with them yet… today was yet another step in the right direction though.

And I got into the coat closet & got M1’s shoes that she’s grown out of into a bag to go out. At least one of those pairs was nearly out last year this time and she caught us and *freaked*. So hopefully she won’t catch us again! Right now besides our boxes of books downstairs (yeah, I know it’s not discardia until it’s out of the house — but that’s our outgoing pile), there are about six or seven bags of clothes/shoes outgoing. And P pulled down the stuffed animals so there was room for the quilts & since no one has played with them in like three years, I’ve given him permission to go through & discardia them. I can’t do it because I keep finding little memory attachments to them & then I can’t do it. Even though I totally don’t miss them when out-of-sight-out-of-mind…

And not so discardia, just basic cleaning, I swept the living room/kitchen/”downstairs” & swiffed it. I think we need to just suck up & buy a real mop. The swiffer thing is just so wimpy except for the lightest of cleaning & by the time I pull out the swiffer, I’m generally in need of a real mop. And I wiped down the kitchen cupboards because they frightened me.

Oh, and I started off by tossing two wigs (one rainbow colored & one tinsel one — kids’ sizes), and a hat & box decorated with feathers & sequins. And I moved the feather boas into M1’s side of the closet.

When I say it that way, it sounds like we’ve been very productive indeed today. Although as I look around I keep thinking, so far to go! Every time we clean or start a project, we seem to get rid of alarming amounts of stuff & it seems like we never gain any room, there’s always something to go into the space we just cleared. Some day. We’ll just keep plugging along…

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