03 FebEnd of an Era & Stuff

Today is my last day here. It’s surreal. I have been relieved of my cardkey. That’s weird. My insurance is ended at the end of the month & I’ll be on new insurance then. My stomach hurts a little & I’m not quite to the point of being weepy, but my eyes are a little mistier than usual. It’s just all very weird. Weird. Weird, weird, weird. I don’t think it’s really quite sunk in yet.

In other news, today M1 finds out that the woman who had interned as student teacher with her class this past fall died of cancer leaving behind a nine & an 11 year old . Apparently she was diagnosed in November, and the principal got a call from the school this week. Last time someone died, M1 was too young to really remember the person or understand.

What a week…

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