25 NovTwo moments before 10am

The first:
The mail guy who can’t possibly be more than a day older than a young 22 plops the newspapers down & says Here’s the papers! I say oh yay. Thanks. Jokingly he says Hey! Can I get a little enthusiasm here? I reply, Nope, it’s a Monday…

But it’s a three day week!

That I can get excited about!

It’ll be the three longest days of your life!

Oh no, that would have to be the three days I was in labor with M.

*. [and a very long pause] Eh, erm, ah… I’m just a guy, whaddoo I know? …I think that qualifies as awkward moment of the day number 1!

Sigh. The things I say without thinking sometimes… at least he seemed bemused by the whole exchange, if a little embarrassed. I, on the other hand, have been giggling since.

The Second:
Lovely Library Researcher walks by.
How are you doing today?

Oh, just dandy! [refraining from repeating above story with much difficulty.]

Oh look! You’re starting to show!

Yep, it happens this time of the whole shebang… and this sweater really seems to emphasize it.

It’s Gorgeous!

[me beaming].

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